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DeWayne A. Powell, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

DeWayne A. Powell

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

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About DeWayne A. Powell

For DeWayne A. Powell, real estate is the perfect combination of aesthetics and emotion. He enjoys the thrill of finding shelter that provides security and fulfills a personal, social, or community need. "I like the satisfaction of matching buyers and sellers (and their personalities and needs) with one another." An entrepreneur at heart, DeWayne is a dedicated professional and a skilled negotiator. He has over 30 years of experience in real estate and contract negotiation (in the legal and financial services industry) and brings all of that to bear in support of his clients.

DeWayne and his partner live between a classic-six pre-war apartment in Washington Heights and a ca. 1850 center hall colonial farmhouse in Ghent. The farmhouse sits on 50 acres of fertile land, where Hawthorne Valley Farm grows hay, wheat, and barley and grazes cattle in spring, summer, and fall. Politically active and a self-described "chronic volunteer," DeWayne is a member of the Hudson Area Library Board of Trustees and the board of Perfect Ten Afterschool Program, and he is an active member of his law school's black alumni organization.

DeWayne is a native of Nassau, Bahamas, and is a graduate of both Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business and Boston College Law School. He is a passionate traveler and lover of other cultures, and he speaks conversational Portuguese, Spanish and French, and a little German.


We were incredibly lucky to connect with DeWayne during the beginning of our home search. It meant a lot to us to have someone in our corner who we knew we could trust (especially with a life decision this large), and who asked all the questions we never even thought of. Buying a home for the very first time can be a daunting and nerve-racking experience, but we always knew we could rely on his feedback, his expert opinion and his recommendations. We valued his input each step of the way and we honestly couldn't have done it without him. We are eternally grateful for his patience and support and can't wait to start our lives in our new home! Thank you, DeWayne! 

~ Victoria S. & Mike M.

DeWayne's professionalism and passion about real estate is what made my decision to work with him easy. His kind demeanor and expert advice made selling my home easy and practically effortless. He was patient and explained away my many questions and concerns. I highly advise anyone looking for a real estate agent to give DeWayne a call. I'm sure you will find yourself impressed with his talents. Thank you again, DeWayne, for making my home sale so successful. 
~ Deborah D.

We can't recommend DeWayne highly enough. He is everything you'd ever wish for in a real estate agent, starting with the fact that you immediately forget he is one because he makes looking for a house so much fun! And we were demanding clients in a hot market. Frankly, we expected to be looking for a very long time and not necessarily be on top of DeWayne's list. But we always felt as if we were his only clients, he truly listened to what we were looking for, he registered both of our reactions especially when they were not aligned. And when he made the impossible possible by finding us a home that checked all our boxes in barely 10 weeks, we were stunned. And it didn't stop here. DeWayne negotiated expertly on our behalf, put us in touch with a fabulous legal team and a great inspector - he simply impressed us every step of the way!! We don't exaggerate if we say, DeWayne surpassed our expectations. 
~ Heike B. & Mahmoud Z.

DeWayne was an awesome agent and we recommend
him highly! He's super knowledgeable - about the local market and also pretty
much everything else you need to know/consider when buying a home. We worked
together for a few months and it really felt like he was with us every step of
the way. Home buying is emotional and at times terrifying in the best of the
circumstances - throw in a pandemic and a crazy market and it becomes only more
so. But knowing that DeWayne had our back and was dedicated to doing right by
us (not to mention keeping us level-headed and calm) really meant everything.
And it led us to our perfect home. Thank you, DeWayne!
  ~ Samantha M. & Reg A.

was very responsive and real with us from the beginning. He never pushed things
on us we weren’t interested in and gave us sound advice during showings and
during the entire process that led to our ultimate decision. We appreciated his
constant support and care along the way. We would absolutely recommend working
with him in finding your dream home!  ~ Sarah E. & Konrad K.

We were so grateful to have found DeWayne through Zillow. As a first-time home buyers he made us feel at ease. We really felt that he had our best interests at heart throughout the process. In a very competitive market, DeWayne was quick to respond on a property we knew was going to be the one. He knew exactly what to do to make sure our offer was accepted. Thank you, DeWayne!  ~ Tahnee A. & Quynh L.

DeWayne helped us buy a home in upstate New York. It
was in the midst of a global pandemic, and we were first-time buyers,
new to the area. He was extremely responsive, patient, and flexible,
working his schedule around ours and working magic, always managing a
full day of showings on short notice. His knowledge about the area,
renovation and maintenance, and local service providers made the entire
process easier. And he made us laugh. Which kept everyone sane. ~ Dan L. & Phoebe J.

was so incredible to work with. We started our journey giving him very
little direction on where we wanted to be, but we knew, in general, the
kind of property that we wanted. DeWayne tapped his local knowledge and
spent a full weekend with us showing a wide variety of homes. From that
weekend together, DeWayne quickly learned our aesthetic and what was
important for our second home, and when the opportunity struck he didn't
hesitate to tell us to move quickly. As first-time Hudson Valley
homebuyers, DeWayne's referral list of local experts (inspectors,
attorneys, etc.) was extremely helpful and enabled us to close quickly.
We highly recommend DeWayne and hope to work with him again one day
soon!  ~ Fiona M.

with DeWayne was an absolute pleasure. DP knows the area extremely
well, navigating us around the Catskills towards our final (and now
purchased) property. We gave DeWayne a pretty broad ask and he helped us
narrow things down quickly and realistically according to the market
demands. Once we were ready with an offer, DeWayne moved fast and
assured both us and the sellers that we were a great match. We enjoyed
spending the weekdays and weekends in his company as he curated many
fabulous homes for us. DeWayne really is a treasure! We have been
recommending him to our friends for their Catskills search. Thanks, DP!  ~ Karl S.

can't recommend DeWayne more highly. We had a tough road to closing,
and he held our hand every step of the way, helping us navigate
everything from broker resources to where the basement light switch was
when we moved in. We are sending all of our friends to him because he's
full of integrity, kindness, and is also charming as all get out.  ~ Lodro R. and Adreanna L.

is a truly wonderful person and the most impressive agent we have ever
worked with. We had explored 5 different agents with vary degrees of
dissatisfaction until we found DeWayne through Zillow. He answered our
request immediately, was always professional and courteous, had amazing
knowledge about potential properties and towns we looked at with him,
and was an all-around brilliant and effective agent. I can think of no
better person to represent us in a real estate transaction. He sent us
relevant listings, connected us with fantastic people to execute the
purchase when our offer was accepted and guided us generously through
the home buying process. He is a true treasure and the best agent you
will find!  ~ Brent and Melissa S.

has an attention to detail and professionalism that made him the
obvious choice for us. He staged our home beautifully and had helpful
strategies to sell quickly and above ask. I would recommend him to
anyone.  ~ Laura L.

is great to work with. He knows the market, and provides honest,
actionable counsel. I was very happy with the offers he generated and
his ability to keep things moving forward in this challenging time. On
top of that, he is a great guy to know in Hudson!  ~
Peter D.

is an absolute gem of a realtor and human being. He's everything you
want professionally: knowledgeable, hard working, intuitive,
experienced, connected, patient, fun and committed. Knew from day one I
was lucky to find him!  ~
Carolyn G.

all the real estate agents I've ever dealt with, DeWayne is by far the
best. He is a great negotiator and is extremely detail oriented. In the
past year, DeWayne has helped my wife and me navigate an all-cash
purchase of an estate from the 1700s, and helped us sell three
properties we owned - (1)

a "regular" 4-bedroom, (2) a house with many unique features and (3) a
small vacation cottage. He was knowledgeable in all facets of buying and
selling these varied properties. The best part of working with DeWayne
was his attention to detail; my wife and I both felt as though we didn't
have to keep track of all the various things we needed to do because we
were confident that DeWayne wouldn't let anything fall through the
Scott & Katherine R.

helped my family and me with every aspect of purchasing a vacant land
parcel in Columbia County expertly and quickly! Even after the closing,
he has been a great resource for advice on the area and finding
professionals and other resources to help us with our home planning.
Bill C.

was a great partner. I looked at houses on the internet while living in
San Francisco before I moved back east. DeWayne helped me line up
showings of a bunch of properties in single weekend and found the one I
ended up buying. As a first-time home buyer I found that he was super
patient in helping me
navigate the process. Thank you, DeWayne!!!  ~
Jared G.

personable, consummate professional! DeWayne was interested in knowing
us and our specific needs. He has great knowledge of the market as well
as local areas.  ~ Marianne & Howard Z.

was thorough, knowledgeable, and conscientious. I would recommend him
to anyone looking for New York real estate. He was also very interesting
and engaged and I enjoyed spending time with him.  ~
Robert G.

We were introduced to DeWayne via a mutual
friend and I'm so grateful for that introduction. DeWayne more often than not
knew more about the properties we were looking at than the selling broker. He
was fantastic at following up with the selling brokers on any questions we had
and keeping on them for answers. He's so well-researched and organized, giving
us packets of information on every property we looked at. After our first day
together, he immediately got to know our style and curated a list of properties
for us to look at that he knew we'd like. I also love that DeWayne is
incredibly genuine and calls things as they are; if something was off about a
property, he'd call it out and not sugarcoat it just to push us to buy. My
husband and I are starting to think about buying an apartment in Manhattan, and
the thought of spending our weekends with DeWayne to look through properties
makes me so happy! He's a true gem. ~ Julia B. and Nick B.

Mr. Powell is a sincere and creative professional who gets results for his
clients. He is a tireless advocate who knows local market values and effective
negotiation strategies. He is easy to work with and always maintains a
professional demeanor. DeWayne is the professional who can locate or sell a
home without the drama and frustration that is the hallmark of most realtors. 
~ Randall and Pam J.

In our search for property in Dutchess County, we worked with a number of
brokers, including DeWayne Powell. DeWayne completely understood our goals and
showed us properties that met and even exceeded our expectations. We highly
recommend DeWayne. ~ Ray B.

DeWayne is extremely knowledgeable and was very perceptive as to what we were
looking for. He was able to make our search efficient by sending us information
on a broad but carefully curated set of listings so that we could narrow it
down. Delightful to work with. ~ Joanne D.

We enjoyed having DeWayne help us on the Stewart House transaction, and we
look forward to a long and happy friendship with him for many years to come. ~
Lon and Lois B.

DeWayne found us our dream house on the first day of house hunting. In fact,
it was the first house he showed us. We saw about a dozen houses in the area
where we were looking, and he just knew this one would be for us and it was. He
also provided us with information to find a great contractor, lawyer, arborist,
and everyone in between. We got a great deal, too. Buying a house with
DeWayne's help was the best possible experience, and I would recommend him to
everyone looking in the area. Thank you, DeWayne, for making a dream come true
for us. We had so much fun with you! ~ Patrick & Samantha P.

DeWayne is an exceptional real estate agent. I was impressed with his
knowledge of the area, his candor and demeanor, responsiveness and follow
through. He did his job very well and I was happy to have worked with him. I'd
recommend him to anyone buying or selling real estate!  ~ Gregor P.

DeWayne Powell was recommended to me–very
highly–by a mortgage broker I've worked with for years. DeWayne proved to be
extremely helpful, thoughtful, responsive and generous. I think DeWayne has
excellent judgement. He definitely came through for me. In my opinion, DeWayne
Powell is someone you can trust. I certainly do. ~ Dr. Elizabeth T.

I cannot say enough good things about DeWayne Powell! He helped our family
make the difficult transition from Manhattan to West Hurley with patience, good
humor, vast knowledge and a great deal of skillfulness. I really don't think we
would have been able to do it without him! He found the house (after
tirelessly finding us possible homes to peruse), a contractor and an inspector
to look it over, carefully walked us though the offer and contract to
completion, and even helped us find a realtor to sell our home in NYC! DeWayne
is the best and we count ourselves as a family very lucky to have worked with
him. ~ Ayumi T. & Martin R.

DeWayne knows what he's doing and working with him has been easy,
enlightening, and overall very helpful. Though we ultimately decided not to buy
the property that most interested us, I would not hesitate to recommend him,
and look forward to the possibility of continuing our search with
his assistance in the future. ~ David A. & Suzanne N.

Although I did not end up buying anything with DeWayne, he took the time to
take my daughter and me around the Hudson area and introduce us to the local
area, restaurants, events, etc., and show us many different properties. We
decided to go for a home close to the beach, but we spent a lovely weekend
with DeWayne in the Hudson Valley area. At some point, I was also considering
getting something in Manhattan and, very patiently, he sent me a number of
listings to show me what was available in my price range. DeWayne is
personable, very knowledgeable of the markets he works in and has the patience
of a saint. I can definitely recommend him. ~ Diana W.

DeWayne was the best real estate agent my husband and I could have hoped for
in the search for our first home. He is very perceptive and a great listener,
and always seemed to have our best interest in mind. While he encouraged us to
consider some properties we wouldn't initially have noticed, we never felt
like we were being upsold, and it helped all three of us better identify what
we were really looking for in a home. We never felt pressured or rushed to make
a decision, but when it was time to make a bid, he was ready, responsive, and
immediately available to us. He had helpful advice for us about everything from
home inspectors and contractors, to local restaurants and events. We really
felt DeWayne was on our side, a strong advocate and guide to have through all
stages of the home-buying experience. ~ Dr. Christine L. & Bill G.

DeWayne did an awesome job in showing properties and the community in helping
me decide on a vacation home. He was unfailingly patient and interested, and
extremely knowledgeable in the locality and the process. I highly recommend
him! ~ Dr. Karen H.

DeWayne was thorough, knowledgeable, and conscientious. I would recommend him
to anyone looking for New York real estate. He was also very interesting and
engaged and I enjoyed spending time with him. ~ Robert G.

DeWayne is a warm, personable, and consummate professional! He was interested
in knowing us and our specific needs. He has great knowledge of the market as
well as local areas. ~ Marianne & Howard Z.

We worked with DeWayne for close to a year as we researched, assessed and
began to understand the real estate market in the Hudson Valley, NY, area. From
day one, DeWayne has been an invaluable resource and along the way he has
become a trusted friend. He has deep knowledge of the market, a wealth of
insight into the subtleties of certain listings and a wide network of other
professionals (inspectors, builders, handymen, etc.) to help us in our search.
DeWayne is incredibly polite, polished and professional. We feel more than
comfortable recommending DeWayne to anyone looking for a house in the Hudson
Valley. ~ Charlie W. & Julie M.

Having little to no experience of real estate outside of New York City,
DeWayne was a godsend for us. He knew our worries before we did, pointed out
the pros and cons of each potential property, and helped us with difficult
process issues. His personality made this process pleasurable as well. I HIGHLY
recommend working with DeWayne.  ~ Hall C. & Michael K.

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