“We were introduced to DeWayne via a mutual friend and I'm so grateful for that introduction. DeWayne more often than not knew more about the properties we were looking at than the selling broker. He was fantastic at following up with the selling brokers on any questions we had and keeping on them for answers. He's so well-researched and organized, giving us packets of information on every property we looked at. After our first day together, he immediately got to know our style and curated a list of properties for us to look at that he knew we'd like. I also love that DeWayne is incredibly genuine and calls things as they are; if something was off about a property, he'd call it out and not sugarcoat it just to push us to buy. My husband and I are starting to think about buying an apartment in Manhattan, and the thought of spending our weekends with DeWayne to look through properties makes me so happy! He's a true gem.” ~ Julia and Nick B.

“Mr. Powell is a sincere and creative professional who gets results for his clients. He is a tireless advocate who knows local market values and effective negotiation strategies. He is easy to work with and always maintains a professional demeanor. DeWayne is the professional who can locate or sell a home without the drama and frustration that is the hallmark of most realtors.”  ~ Randall and Pam J.

“In our search for property in Dutchess County, we worked with a number of brokers, including DeWayne Powell. DeWayne completely understood our goals and showed us properties that met and even exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend DeWayne.” ~ Ray B.

“DeWayne is extremely knowledgeable and was very perceptive as to what we were looking for. He was able to make our search efficient by sending us information on a broad but carefully curated set of listings so that we could narrow it down. Delightful to work with.” ~ Joanne D.

“We enjoyed having DeWayne help us on the Stewart House transaction, and we look forward to a long and happy friendship with him for many years to come.” ~ Lon B. and Lois B.

“DeWayne found us our dream house on the first day of house hunting. In fact, it was the first house he showed us. We saw about a dozen houses in the area where we were looking, and he just knew this one would be for us and it was. He also provided us with information to find a great contractor, lawyer, arborist, and everyone in between. We got a great deal, too. Buying a house with DeWayne's help was the best possible experience, and I would recommend him to everyone looking in the area. Thank you, DeWayne, for making a dream come true for us. We had so much fun with you!” ~ Patrick & Samantha P.

“DeWayne is an exceptional real estate agent. I was impressed with his knowledge of the area, his candor and demeanor, responsiveness and follow through. He did his job very well and I was happy to have worked with him. I'd recommend him to anyone buying or selling real estate!”  ~ Gregor P.

“DeWayne Powell was recommended to me–very highly–by a mortgage broker I've worked with for years. DeWayne proved to be extremely helpful, thoughtful, responsive and generous. I think DeWayne has excellent judgement. He definitely came through for me. In my opinion, DeWayne Powell is someone you can trust. I certainly do.” ~ Dr. Elizabeth T.

“I cannot say enough good things about DeWayne Powell! He helped our family make the difficult transition from Manhattan to West Hurley with patience, good humor, vast knowledge and a great deal of skillfulness. I really don't think we would have been able to do it without him! He found the house (after tirelessly finding us possible homes to peruse), a contractor and an inspector to look it over, carefully walked us though the offer and contract to completion, and even helped us find a realtor to sell our home in NYC! DeWayne is the best and we count ourselves as a family very lucky to have worked with him.” ~ Ayumi T. & Martin R.

“DeWayne knows what he's doing and working with him has been easy, enlightening, and overall very helpful. Though we ultimately decided not to buy the property that most interested us, I would not hesitate to recommend him, and look forward to the possibility of continuing our search with his assistance in the future.” ~ David A. & Suzanne N.

“Although I did not end up buying anything with DeWayne, he took the time to take my daughter and me around the Hudson area and introduce us to the local area, restaurants, events, etc., and show us many different properties. We decided to go for a home close to the beach, but we spent a lovely weekend with DeWayne in the Hudson Valley area. At some point, I was also considering getting something in Manhattan and, very patiently, he sent me a number of listings to show me what was available in my price range. DeWayne is personable, very knowledgeable of the markets he works in and has the patience of a saint. I can definitely recommend him.” ~ Diana W.

“DeWayne was the best real estate agent my husband and I could have hoped for in the search for our first home. He is very perceptive and a great listener, and always seemed to have our best interest in mind. While he encouraged us to consider some properties we wouldn't initially have noticed, we never felt like we were being upsold, and it helped all three of us better identify what we were really looking for in a home. We never felt pressured or rushed to make a decision, but when it was time to make a bid, he was ready, responsive, and immediately available to us. He had helpful advice for us about everything from home inspectors and contractors, to local restaurants and events. We really felt DeWayne was on our side, a strong advocate and guide to have through all stages of the homebuying experience.” ~ Dr. Christine L. & Bill G.

“DeWayne did an awesome job in showing properties and the community in helping me decide on a vacation home. He was unfailingly patient and interested, and extremely knowledgeable in the locality and the process. I highly recommend him!” ~ Dr. Karen H.

“DeWayne was thorough, knowledgeable, and conscientious. I would recommend him to anyone looking for New York real estate. He was also very interesting and engaged and I enjoyed spending time with him.” ~ Robert G.

“DeWayne is a warm, personable, and consummate professional! He was interested in knowing us and our specific needs. He has great knowledge of the market as well as local areas.” ~ Marianne & Howard Z.

“We worked with DeWayne for close to a year as we researched, assessed and began to understand the real estate market in the Hudson Valley, NY, area. From day one, DeWayne has been an invaluable resource and along the way he has become a trusted friend. He has deep knowledge of the market, a wealth of insight into the subtleties of certain listings and a wide network of other professionals (inspectors, builders, handymen, etc.) to help us in our search. DeWayne is incredibly polite, polished and professional. We feel more than comfortable recommending DeWayne to anyone looking for a house in the Hudson Valley.” ~ Charlie W. & Julie M.

“Having little to no experience of real estate outside of New York City, DeWayne was a godsend for us. He knew our worries before we did, pointed out the pros and cons of each potential property, and helped us with difficult process issues. His personality made this process pleasurable as well. I HIGHLY recommend working with DeWayne.”  ~ Hall C. & Michael K.


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